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公司介绍 Shanghai GINO TELEMA Resistors Co. Ltd. is a Sino-German-Italian joint venture
specialized in the design, development, production and sales of high-power electrical
resistors. Our major products are metal chip resistors, which have the features of small
size, large capacitor-passing current, rapid heat dissipation and high reliability. Both
our design and manufacturing levels in metal chip resistors are leading the domestic
market. Metal chip resistors can combine into resistor units of any power and resistance

value and the application of such resistors has a leading advantage in motor starting and braking field, grounding resistance field, etc. The products can be used as motor starting and braking resistors, frequency conversion braking resistors, large mechanical braking resistors in the hoisting industry, starting and braking resistors of subways, rail transit, magnetically levitated trains and other electric motor cars, neutral grounding resistors in the power sector, loaded resistors in experiments, filter resistors, charging resistors, etc.

The major investors of Shanghai GINO TELEMA Resistors Co. Ltd. are Shanghai Krah Electronics Co. Ltd., Germany GINOCo. Ltd. and Italy Telema Co., Ltd. Shanghai Krah Electronics Co., Ltd. occupies a larger market share in the Chinese auto resistor and
elevator resistor markets and has passed the QS9000 and ISO9001Quality Management System certifications. Germany GINO Co. Ltd. has had a history as long as 60 or more years in producing all kinds of resistors. These resistors are widely used in worldwide cranes, engines of transmission equipment, driving system of frequency converters and power distribution cabinet systems. Italy Telema Co., Ltd. is one of the largest braking resistor manufacturers in Europe and has subsidiaries in the USA, Britain, France and Germany. About 50% of its employees are engineering technicians, which makes Telema enjoy powerful technology development abilities. The corresponding products of Germany GINO Co., Ltd. and Italy Telema Co., Ltd. account for a great share of the international market; they both are internationally leading giants. Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen all select braking resistors produced by GINO and Telema in their subways and Shanghai also uses these braking resistors in its magnetically levitated trains.

The establishment of Shanghai GINO TELEMA Resistors Co., Ltd. is a fruit of the alliance between giants manufacturing braking resistor and neutral grounding resistors in the world. She integrates all technological and management advantages of all investors formed during resistor design, development, production and marketing, which has laid a solid foundation for providing customers with high-quality products and services.

In the principle of Quality First and upholding Customer First, the tradition of all our investors, we, Shanghai GINO TELEMA
Resistors Co., Ltd., are willing to join hands with you for a better future!



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